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Tips for Choosing A Brandable Domain

Pick a .com extension. In most cases, .com is the best choice. This is because .com is the standard, the norm. Most users assume a company’s website will end with .com; after all, 75% of all websites have a .com extension.

Be memorable. Users must be able to easily remember your domain name/brand. As Ashley Friedlein, CEO and Co-founder of Econsultancy, said, “Brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization.” You can only have a lasting influence on how people perceive you if they actually remember you.

Be relevant. Words have implicit meanings and connotations; do a little research to ensure that your domain name communicates your desired message. Here is a quick and easy way to test a domain name: go to Amazon Mechanical Turk and run a survey with at least 100 people. Just provide your domain name (nothing else) and ask users to guess the purpose of the company. The responses you receive should provide valuable insight into any implicit meanings your domain may connote.

Easy to spell. Your domain name must be easy to spell. Avoid commonly misspelled words, intentional misspellings and hyphens. If you purchase a domain name with numerals, say, also purchase the domain name with the number spelled out –

Sound authoritative. Your domain name should sound like a trustworthy authority. As this research brief puts it, users “demonstrate a clear preference now for credibility and trustworthiness in a domain name.” Remember Margaret Thatcher’s advice: “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Avoid choosing a domain such as

Shorter is better. Keep your domain name short; 1 or 2 words is best. The top 100,000 websites, on average, have nine characters in their domain names.

Be unique. One of your marketing goals should be to build a distinct brand that stands out from your competitors. Start by choosing a unique and distinctive domain name. Names like sound generic and unremarkable compared to names such as, and which sound unique.

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How to Select a Good Domain For You Business Brand

1 – Top Level Domain (TLD)

The value of your domain name will be based almost entirely on the strength of your Top Level Domain (TLD) or domain extension (.com; .net; .org), however, not every TLD will suit every term, nor will it suit every market. So when selecting one it is important that you select the right one for you.

For example, if you are running a commercial site you may want to select a domain with the extension ‘.com’. Through the years, people have come to instantly associate this TLD with all things Internet-related, therefore this extension will posses less of a risk for you and your company. An added bonus to the ‘.com’ TLD is that it can be used worldwide. This is particularly useful for countries that have particularly strict guidelines for the provision of country TLDs such as Norway, which has a country TLD of ‘.no’.

2 – Shorter is Better

When selecting a domain, research shows that names comprised of 2-7 letters are the easiest for users to remember and therefore will be the most valuable to your company. Domains that are more than 10 letters are worth are valued slightly less, and for anything longer than that the value falls incrementally.

3 – Linguistics

There are two ways to approach linguistic issues. The first is to go for the obvious industry connection. For example, if you run a search engine marketing company focused only in pay-per click advertising, you might try to obtain the domain ‘’, as it would be logical to assume your URL would be instantly recognizable to those in the technology and internet business. However, if you were targeting those unfamiliar with the market the acronym may be foreign to them and they would not know what you do. The second alternative is to choose something that can be used for branding purposes, for example, your company’s name. Both options are valid.

4 – Branding & Advertising

Ideally, your domain is identical to your company name. For Internet-based businesses this will establish your brand and ease the user’s task of having to locate you online. For established companies, users will often assume your URL will be the same as your company name and put it straight into their address bar. If typing your name doesn’t bring your company up, or even worse, brings someone else’s company up, this is a problem for your internet marketing efforts. You may have already lost their business, and if not, research says they are now starting to question your status.

5 – Typing Errors

When selecting a domain name it is important to keep human error in mind. Research says the two main reasons for traffic diversions are users mistyping your URL and users who use the wrong extension. A customer looking to find you at may accidentally type in the wrong URL and find themselves at not even realizing they have reached the wrong site. To help combat these issues, companies should stick with short, easy to remember URLs that have a TLD appropriate for their market. Another thing you may want to do is to establish a monopoly among certain keyword-based domains to avoid possible customer confusion. This involves buying out all possible spelling and word-choice combinations. Seems excessive but it sure does do the trick.

6 – Legalities

Always research the status of a domain before purchasing. Certain domains that include trademarked or bizarre coined terms may have pending legal matters attached to them. You do not want to involve your company in their legal mess – often these domains have a low value and are not worth the hassle. Generic names work better for URLs because trademark issues are far less common, and if there is an issue, it will be less restrictive. Unless you happen to be the one to own the trademark, in which case, capitalize on that.

7 – International Usage

When possible, always select a domain that can be accessed by International sites, as this will significantly boost your company’s value. The TLD ‘.com’ has established itself throughout the world as an Internet symbol and can be a great benefit to your company. If you are positioned in a local industry, the .com TLD still has merit due to this worldwide branding, particularly in the United States. In other countries, the country code TLD is often recognized and sought after.

8 – Search Engine Optimization Considerations

Some search engines appear to give preference to domains that contain a frequently used search terms. For example, if you type “ppc” in the Google search box, you will find that several of the top results will have the term “ppc” in their URL. Putting frequently used keywords in your URL may significantly increase your traffic and capture a greater portion of your target market.

However, it should be noted that it is not necessary to keyword stuff your URLs to increase your domain’s search engine optimization value. Google Engineer Matt Cutts has noted before that domain names such as are likely to be considered spam. Even though keywords in the URL may give some SEO boost, this should merely be factored into your decision, not rule it.

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Buy A Generic Domain Name

A generic domain name outperforms a non-generic name by delivering a higher CTR and an even higher number of total clicks.

The exception is likely to be where the non-generic name is an established brand or website with a strong awareness and trust factor for the product or service search terms in question.

Even in such cases, a generic domain name has potential value in targeting very specific product or service search terms with an appropriate keyword-rich domain. Established brands should consider a generic name for minisites associated with a particular product, service or ad campaign.

The choice of generic domain name itself is also important. An “ideal” generic name was able to produce 45% more clicks across all keywords than a “reasonable” generic alternative.

Generic domain names perform particularly strongly where search and domain keywords match closely. This suggests businesses might do well to isolate keyword groups within their PPCSE campaigns, and use an appropriate generic name for each group (thus maximising the total benefits).

AdWords does not provide the kind of data that would allow us to draw clear conclusions on exactly why an “ideal” generic domain name performed so well relative to the alternatives. We believe it is due to a combination of factors, notably:

  1. Domain name closely matching the product or service being searched for (irrespective of the actual keywords used in the search).
  2. Bolding of search terms in the domain occurring more often.
  3. Impact of domain name on ad quality score.

As such, the benefits are likely a mix of an inherent “greater clickability” (factors 1 and 2) and higher ad positions (through factor 3, and through factors 1 and 2 driving better CTRs).

Whatever the explanation, we would expect to see the ads featuring the winning generic domain name appear higher up the PPC ad listings on search result pages.

Landing page analytics data reveals the ad position for each incoming click from an AdWords ad. While not the same as data on ad position for each ad impression, it likely reflects the same pattern.

The graph below reveals that the ads featuring the winning generic domain name did indeed seem to get higher average positions than the other ads.

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